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Re: Shadow

From: TheMentor
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 21 Mar 2006
Time: 19:59:00 -0600


Currently we are situated in the UK, but we've travelled all around. I especially, have dotted across the world. Since i have no connections, relations etc. there was never any reason for me to stay in one place. Having always had the strange urge to want to protect people, I tried turning my talents to law enforcement, but that wasnt exactly my thing. I've never seemed to fit in that way. one year later i travelled to japan where i spent 5 years...actually perhaps my story is for another time. Long story short i found Shadow, well he found me, in New York. Shadow is originally from New York, but finds it hard to talk to me about his life up until two years ago so i dont make a habit of asking. He is like a son to me really. Being the the type of person he is i can hardly see Shadow working in a fast food joint. Remember this is his choice, he told me when i first met him (pursuaded him that he needed my help and guidance before he got himself killed, or worse), he wanted to "get rid of the *rubbish* that infest everything. These *people* are why it's no longer safe to go out at night. Why we have to get bigger and stronger locks, bigger, more dangerous weapons. I just want to make everything better". If you want an idea of the kind of person he is i guess the only way i can describe him is "a cross between the Punisher, Batman (without the dressing up as a bat of course) and Spiderman. He really wants to make the world a better place, and make up for whatever mistake(s) he made as a child, i think this is his way of repaying some debt he has against his conscience.

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