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Re: Hero in training

From: Anonymous
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 28 Mar 2006
Time: 17:26:01 -0600


Yes: Don't do it. I've been a comic fan my whole life and I love the superhero genre but this is DANGEROUS. Criminals have guns, knives and other criminals to help them. Martial arts won't help you- real fights don't happen like that. Anyone who thinks they do take a look at a UFC match to see how messy and unpredictable a fight can be (I reference that because it's an almost no holds barred fight and close to a real conflict). And if you somehow get lucky and destroy a criminal and it's like it is right out of a comic book, what about the next time? I admire your desire to do good but this isn't the way. Become a policeman, fireman, paramedic- someone who puts in the time to help people. Good luck!

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