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Re: Super-Archers

From: Bowman
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 29 Mar 2006
Time: 05:50:08 -0600


Although the original comment was meant to be facetious I would point out that an arrow with a standard head fired at the leg or even the lower abdomen has a much-reduced chance of causing a fatality compared to a bullet. It is unlikely to ricochet and the shaft will fill the hole caused by the arrowhead preventing excessive blood loss. Most fatal casualties from this type of injury are generally because some one thought it would be a good idea to pull it out. Iím not saying a bow is as safe as some of the non-lethal weapons suggested on this site but even they can cause fatalities. In one case foam designed to incapacitate an opponent was judged to break the Geneva Convention because it could cause suffocation if the target trapped his arm over his face.

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