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Re: Film

From: Thygesen
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 30 Mar 2006
Time: 13:45:46 -0600


Hey again, all. As skeptical as everyone seems to be of me (especially midnight, who has basically told me to screw off), I just wanted to point out that when I say "film," I mean "project for a film class." I felt that was implied by using my school e-mail address, but I suppose it could be misconstrued to be someone trying to capitalize on, again, what I consider to be a movement. Superman19492002, I'm not really sure what exactly you were trying to figure out about me, since CSUEB is in Hayward and I was writing this (and previous messages) from my dorm room. California State University East Bay was formerly known as California State University Hayward until, I believe, this year, so anyone that doesn't go here might think I'm trying to pull a fast one on them. I am from Southern California, area code 91351 to be more exact, and the picture on Quinn's website is taken at my high school. To correct you, though, I'm a sophomore, not a freshman, and that picture is from two years ago (I forgot that existed, but Quinn does have a tendency to start up things and let them fade away into the bowels of the internet, so I shouldn't be surprised). I suppose that I'll post this in the other forums, but I would rather not bother sending it to individuals as that took a long time to do. While this is not intended in bitterness (though it's difficult to tell tone when reading written word), I have to let you know, Phoenix, that if you are not a minor (reading some of the forums lead me to believe you're between seventeen and twenty, so I'm not sure), you may have been duped into essentially giving money to a company if you get famous and preventing yourself from ever making any or getting better coverage that whatever Howard Films can get you. I'm not at all saying you should have signed a contract with me (I'm just a student), but I am saying that you shouldn't have signed a contract or even promised sole publicity rights to anyone. That's my advice, anyway. As for midnight, whom I assume wrote the negative replies here as well as those on Nexus' board, I'll not bother you as you have requested for me to do so. To revise or rather clarify my position, I'm basically looking to interview people: text, distorted audio, backlit video, or whatever makes you confortable. I want to use whatever people can manage in, again, a film of variable length. The ironic thing about the project is whether or not anyone here is willing to send me legitimate information, no one is going to believe I didn't make it up anyway, but I really don't feel that my efforts would be wasted. Again, if you want to find out more information about me or what I'm doing and are actually willing to help, feel free to e-mail me at Thanking you once again, Seth Thygesen

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