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From: Free suit offer
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 30 Mar 2006
Time: 16:01:12 -0600


Alright everyone, I have made a suit that is based on neoprene, sheet steel (in certain places) and kevlar. I will be adding nomex and some chain mail later, but anyhow after making it I still can't help but saying, "It isn't good enough" The question is how to make something that is beyond what a typical soldier or cop has and that can truely be called SUPER. What is needed? Something light weight, that is bulletproof and knife proof while basically feeling and acting like normal clothing. I think the key is d3o and hursty. d3o is a german invention that resembles silly putty. It flows till it is hit with a big amount of energy and then it gets hard. Hursty is basically beta Keratin combined with resins and polymers made by Troy Hurtubise. He eventually combined it with another forumla for fire proofing and the result is called 1313 Paste. Beta Keratin is what feathers, animal hoofs and fish scales are made of. If we can crack these two things I can mass produce cheap knife and bulletproof suits for everyone. I'm going to be gone for 24 days so if anyone can break these by the time I get back he will get a free suit from me.

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