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Re: Superhero in need

From: The Denominator
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 02 Apr 2006
Time: 14:54:47 -0500


I am shocked and appalled at what has been said here. I came here Ö in hopes that somebody of my own kind would believe that Iíve been hiding in my motherís basement for the past 3 years. I just thought you people would be different. You see the picture? Thatís a tear. A tear you made me cry. I thought you people would be more accapteing than this Ö but I guess I was wrong. From my own kind too. ---------lll--------- ---------lll--------- --------lllll-------- --------lllll-------- -------lllllll------- -----llllllllllll---- ----llllllllllllll--- ----llllllllllllll--- -----llllllllllll---- ---------------------

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