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From: The Denominator
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 03 Apr 2006
Time: 01:01:20 -0500


Look, I'm sorry if I may have seemed phony at first. I have not been aware of my "abilities" for all that long of time. Some of them, I am not sure yet if they are necessarily abilities, or coincidences. And the "uncanny resistance to death" was just a joke. I was not sure at first if I should have mentioned Distruckshun, but I saw under your World Registry Listings that other superheroes such as Terrifica do in fact have arch enemies, so that lead me to believe that it would be safe to mention him right off the bat. I did not mean to insult the website and the people on it. And along the lines of my name, if you thought I was just joking, one of my main abilities that I did not mention was that I have very much above average mathematical skill. Thus "The Denominator". I would also like to apologize if some of my previous posts seemed rude, I was just very upset. If it is okay with you guys, I would prefer not to tell anything more about myself until I have gained your respect and trust for my own personal safety. Thanks, The Denominator

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