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Meeting 2 April 2006

From: Superman
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 04 Apr 2006
Time: 16:24:43 -0500


Hi all, Im putting the link to the last set of earth agent minutes on beerios board here along with a copy of the minutes for those who aren'y signed up on that board. Meeting 2 april 2006 -------------------------------------------------- Meeting 2 April 2006 held in the Earth Agent public room Startingat 10 AM EST and Ending arround IPM EST Those in attendance Dread_Headhunter subbing for Paradox Fox Superman Kevlex Captain_Champion Dark_Guardian The individual organisations arent listed for security reasons . We know who we are anyway. Public Outline of what took place. As the individual People showed up Each introduced them selves and stated what group or groups they were affiliated with. For security sake those affiliations aren't listed here. During this meeting basic ties were formed and all were agreed that these open meetings would take place each week at 10 AM EST in the open to the public room. ( 1st 1 on the Earth Agent site ) Plans were put in place and approved unanimously for what to do if uninvited and disruptive types show up. Plans were made to survey what skill sets the members of each individual group have and have those skills cataloged to share between the groups as a whole. What skills folks in the groups say they have will be put to the test as a way of weeding out the wannabes. Plans were also set up for having a future face to face or mask to cowl meeting in a real life location to be decided on at a future date. During the meeting all sections of the Earth Agent site were placed at the disposal of all the groups to use as they see fit. All those present also agreed to send in links to anything of use they happen upon to be added into the site for all to share. Matters best kept Private in the public forum this will be posted to were also discussed and will be released to others after being vouched for by a attending member of their respective group. Besides this, surveilance tactics, legalitys and war stories were discussed . The meeting then adjourned . __________________________________________________ PS watch out for the mod on the earth agent section I hear he's a real mean SOB.

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