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Re: rock salt

From: The Stickman
Category: Superhero Chat
Date: 11 Apr 2006
Time: 12:47:37 -0500


Looking over the latest Brigade Quartermaster catalog has given me an idea (I hate it when my brains click into 'drive'). Airsoft, them guys that make all of those m-16 look-a-like-wanna-be BB guns, produces a plastic BB that is considerably less dense that lead. So... learn about reloading (seems a given...) the plastic BB are measured to fit the shell (only so much room in a 12ga shell) leaving room for a poly-rayon wrapper and 'tail'. With a little work (and a lot of learning) you can produce a product that is every bit as non-lethal as the 'bean-bag' projectiles manufactured by the 'big boys' for your local police. I'd be happy to discuss this research further with anyone interested...

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