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Re: Curious

Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 11 Jun 2006
Time: 19:32:51 -0500


It is quite real. If you search, you should be able to find media references for most of the heroes in the registry itself. The only one listed in the registry that has not been in the news (As far as I know) is GREEN SCORPION, which is why his activity level is listed as "UNCONFIRMED". As to the activity level of the posters to this forum and Mark Schmidt's forum, I am confident that there are several that are actively fighting crime, while others are preparing to do so. There are also those who are not doing anything and never will. If you read the forums at length, I think you will be able to see for yourself which are serious and which are jokers. Many of the more serious members of this community do not want to be in the news for various practical reasons. Unless they get caught by the cops or shot dead by crooks while in costume, they are unlikely to be picked up on the media radar. Another factor that reduces the risk of media attention is that the more extreme heroes don't wear costumes as flashy as in comic books: Black trenchcoats are more common than purple spandex. ~KEVLEX~

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