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Re: Curious

From: Truth Seeker
Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 11 Jun 2006
Time: 19:52:26 -0500


I see... Well, my beliefs are somewhat old fashioned in regards to respect and chivelry, on the other hand I have perhaps a more modern view on good verses evil and all of that jazz. Nobody is innocent, not purely, including those who call themselves heroes, we need not a title, badge or costume to be good people, nor do we need rewards or animousity for doing the right thing, it should be expected of everyone. If a costume is not designed to protect you, then it is pointless, and if violence is not properly justified, then you are just another thug on the streets. There is no such thing as pure evil, though, disrespect for the needs and pains of others has no justifiable excuse, and must not be tollerated. Having said that, tollerance is a tricky subject, we are not judge and jury, we are just men, but then, the law being imperfect as it is, arguably has no more right to take punishment into its own hands. The key is maintaining a balance of when to intervene, and knowing when to let go. I suppose what I am saying, is hide not behind the righteous faqade of your masks, and never make the mistake of thinking you are incorruptably pure, if you hide behind the word hero you can justify doing anything to anyone, and how does that make you better than the criminals you supposedly oppose? Better yet, what defines a criminal? Or a "perp" or a "bad guy"? do you think they believe they are evil? Everyone is the hero of their own story, and everyone thinks they are in the right. As I said, forget duality, it is a limiting and flawed mindset, there are no bad guys, we must judge innocence on the spot, muscle without insight is as dangerous and potentially malicious as any a gun. If you see two people fighting, do not attack the one who looks like a vagrant, or the one with peircings and foul language, instead, wait for one of them to get the upper hand, then take him down none-lethallhy to ensure total safety. If you attack the one who looks like a criminal, then you will be judging them on looks alone, and how is that fair? Or more to the point, how does it make you any better than you believe them to be? Perhaps in reality, it could be the butch one being attacked by the innocent looking one. If you will forgive the somewhat crude example, what I am trying to demonstrate is that you don't know for sure who may be in the right or in the wrong in any situation, not to mention the fact that morality is often fairly subjective to individual taste. Never hide behind the mask, to escape the consequences of your deeds, if you cannot be totally sure you are doing the right thing, then do nothing, it's surely better than making things worse, yes? Responsibility is most important when taking the affairs of others into your own hands, I mean not to lecture, but being a responsible adult myself, I could not allow myself not to ensure that everyone here has at least the capacity to understand this, and to have made sure it is heard. What do I think about this? Not to give away any details, but it has been a passion of mine for a while, though I make no wild claims, I have a good understanding of martial arts to the point of formulating my own style, yet I ahve no real combat experience, it is all a matter of time though. My mission is somewhatr more specific than the whole patrolling deal as you call it, and once underway may not involve much in the way of patrols at all, but the spirit is the same. Too many people suffer needlessely in this world, and the government is only a business, it has no more right to control our lives than any other business, were it doing a good job, I wouldn't mind, but it is failing. If there are people here brave and challant enough to take on the dark areas themselves, I can only hope they have the wisdom to understand the difference between fighting for a cause, and childish fantasies about utilitiy belts and spandex. There is no costume on earth that can make you a great man, that must come from within, once you have unmasked your heart, then you can mask your face. To each his own, and I wish you well in your chosen paths. If I might be granted the curtosy of viewing the private forum I might even be able to offer further advice and insight, should you want it. My email address is (DELETED) Thank you for listening. Truth Seeker

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