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Re: Curious

Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 11 Jun 2006
Time: 21:13:11 -0500


I understood what you were saying and for the most agreed with it, but anytime someone starts talking about how someone views themselves being relevant to the consequences of there actions, it strikes a nerve with me. Seeing yourself as the good guy does not excuse doing harm, and I know that this applies to us as much as to the crooks we are after! I am not going off half cocked and really agree that any situation even halfway questionable has to be treated with kidd gloves. I agree that a rogue superhero is just as dangerous as a bad cop or a random gang banger. I am not going to vilify petty criminals and treat them as pure evil. A sense of balance and perspective is vital in this work. As to true evil being rare, look at the murder and rape statistics for this country and then consider that this is one of the best run and most civilized nations on the earth! If I could do this full time, I could fight pure evil 24-7 and not scratch the surface! If you expanded the fight worldwide, you would need a literal army to make a dent in the senseless killing and deep cruelty the world has to offer. There are countries where slavery still exists! Child prostitution is not that rare, and I am not talking about seventeen year olds, I am talking about small children who are being raped on a daily basis. The world has plenty of black festering evil to go around. I wish I had the time and cash to make a bigger dent in it. Evildoers beware the freaking sting of the GREEN SCORPION!

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