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Re: Curious

Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 11 Jun 2006
Time: 22:11:00 -0500


I don’t suppose there is a substantial difference between our perspectives except for when we hit the touchy-feely end of the spectrum: “nobody is NOBODY”?. And yeah, battlefield conditions were the context I was speaking from. I don’t see an opponent as irredeemably corrupted unless we get to the severed-heads-in-the-freezer level, but when we DO get there, THAT person is of no worth to me or to the world at large, no matter how much self-esteem they have. If a serial killer is bleeding when I turn him in, it will not bring a tear to my eye. I am not incorruptible, but I know my demons and have their home phone numbers. Evildoers, beware the sting of the GREEN SCORPION!

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