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Re: Curious

From: Truth Seeker
Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 17 Jun 2006
Time: 06:36:49 -0500


I respect that you call it a "suit" rather than "costume". I think that the concept of wearing a "costume" is taken entirely from comic books and personally I find it a ridiculess and childish concept to actuallty apply IRL. To conceal your face for personal safety is all you need, and to protect your torsoe with at least some kind of protective armor beneath something plain and simple like jogging pants and t-shirt, perhaps bought from a charity store (harder to trace if you leave fibres behind after a fight.) In fact, to extend on that, if you are fearful of police tracing your footsteps believing you to be involved in the activities you are trying to put a stop to, your biggest enemy will be your footprints. Buy a good, decent quality pair of running shoes, and try to rework the soles of the feet in such a way that you can remove the changes on whim (for example, add an extra attachable sole which can be removed when not wearing them) This also serves two purposes, you can add any sort of "gadget" you like to help absorb the impact of running or jumping within the false sole, as well as leaving false footprints, which if traced will bring up nothing in any databases, and if you are linked to your activities they will not be able to trace you via your running shoes, provided you had first hidden or destroyed the attacheable soles. Spandex does not protect you, its only advantage is flexibility and earodynamics, neither of which are exactly revolutionary advantages that make it worth looking like an idiot. If you don't want to be stopped on the streets by the cops, wear something inconspiquous, if you want to strike terror into the hearts of your foes, then learn to fight well. Power does not come from a costume, it comes from within, and waving your arms around your heart wearing something ridiculessely bright does not a "hero" make. I said hero, not "superhero", know why? You (likely) don't have superpowers, superhero is purely an egotistical term, self indulgeant glory. I think you should all be above the need to make yourselves seem like more than you are, that is, if you truly are honorable men. Remember, power is wisdom, not force. Calling yourself a hero does not make you powerful, acting like one, well that depends on how you go about it.... Truth Seeker

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