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Re: Curious

From: Hero
Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 20 Jun 2006
Time: 07:51:37 -0500

Comments was the longest answer I've ever gotten to a question I didn't ask. :) Some good advice in there for people who hadn't thought of it yet...and yeah, when I bought my first wonderful swat boots a few years back, first thing I did getting home was cut the logos off the bottom to make them a harder forensic match. And the few times I explain my ideas to anyone, I usually slip in that line about "Not superheroes. Vigilantes. Superheroes have powers." Potato, potatoe. I know I'm sure not an honorable man (isn't it funny that the people deigning to fight for truth, etc., were the ones who had to lie the most about their identities and secret lives? :) and Nietszche would probably have something to say about my particular tactical philosophies. :)

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