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suit question

From: The Inquisitor
Category: Costumes
Date: 23 Jun 2006
Time: 02:32:37 -0500


Hi, I found this site after looking online to see if anyone's ever tried being a superhero in real life. I've given it quite a bit of thought myself. I have martial arts and general fighting experiance (some military) as well as being pretty quick and flexible ( i've run around like those free running videos before, jumping off walls and stuff)and have a background in electronics (figure i could make gadgets on my own maybe). I just had a question about people's opinion on a suit, what would opinions be on a grey trenchcoat with kevlar insert, combat boots and black pants, some sort of body armor for the torso, a t-shirt with the symbol on the chest, and a hockey mask? spandex just isn't my thing, and while it might look good in comics, it really looks goofy in real life (though subdueing criminals my making thm break out in uncontrolable laughter might work out for the better)and if i took off the hockey mask, i should be able to blend in a little better afterwards, just put it on when i see trouble so what do people here think?

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