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Re: Curious

From: Thruth Seeker
Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 23 Jun 2006
Time: 09:34:45 -0500


The following contained very general opinions aimed at nobody specifically, not forced on anyone, just offered for you to think on, take it however you wish. :) You think the king of the proverbial evil has convinced us all he does not exist? Then why prey tell am I forever bombarded by the forced two dimensional opinions of shallow souls intent on blaming everything from ingrowing toe nails to the cold side of the pillow on this elusive force of Evil-with-a-capital-E? I think the worst mistake humanity ever made was being so foolish as to give credit to duality and believe that good and evil exist at all. It only gives us an excuse to hate the wrongs of life and convince ourselves that no matter what we do we are in the right because we are the good guys. The news? Yes, let us look at the news, we are forever plauged by what we have labelled terrorism, and yet, THEY believe WE are the evil ones and that they are clensing the world of us, without the foolish belief in evil, how many people would have been spared from that suffering? We have murderers, rapists, and thieves, are they evil? Don't be stupid. Most murders are accidental, those that aren't are usually the product of an emotional dissorder, the same goes for rape, thievary is the embodyment of selfishness, but hardly worthy of the word evil. Should they be allowed to continue? Of course not, should they be regarded and treated as evil? Absolutely not, and if that is how you think, I can only pray you yourself never run into an emotional dissorder. Since childhood I have had a neurological condition called Dyspraxia that effected my emotional stability and behavior, I was a very confused, hurt and violent child. I tamed it, eventually, and not without great effort and sacrifice. But should I have been treated as evil? I frankly feel insulted by that mindset, if I can overcome those negative feelings, others potentially can too, they should be treated, not persecuted by white hatted hypocritical puritans pointing hysterically at every shadow and screaming the word satan. There is no difference between your perspective on evil and the perspective of those whom you label as evil, they look right back at you and see the same thing you see. When will it end? WHEN? When you all grow the hell up and learn to take responsibility for your own lives. Not thanking good for every positive, and blaming evil for every negative. Use mature, on the spot judgement to discern the actions neccesary, do NOT force your "ideals" of good and evil onto others. The world is NOT so simple as black and white, right and wrong, good and evil, it is all a matter of perspective and standpoint, people who believe in such things are only fuelling the fire of ignorance that makes so many people suffer all over the world. It just is NOT that simple, I know you'd like it to be. I know you'd like your enemies to be disposable and totally evil to their core to the point where they relish in it, so that you can use your hypocritical "righteous anger" and cause them all the suffering you want. But it just doesn't work that way. Maybe you'll realize that when someone decides toi "clense" YOU of evil. Please remember, though I addressed points raised by people here, everything therein is not specifically aimed at those people here, only at those who believe in the kind of mindset which I haver called out on. IF this does not describe you, then it is not itnended for you. :) My basic belief is that if you intend to take the law into your own hands, you should at least have the maturity to be able to do this without the need to demonize them s as to make it easier to hurt your fellow human beings. On the matter of "suits", I think creating an iconic status symbol is entirely a comic book idea and has no applicability in real life. In my opinion, the last thing you should want is to draw attention to yourself, that level of self indulgeant egotism has no place on a battlefield. Has the world gotten so that those who do the right thing must have rewards such as fame and respect for doing their deeds? If that is the case, it has become a very dark world indeed... Truth Seeker

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