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Re: Curious

From: Nexus
Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 23 Jun 2006
Time: 10:27:39 -0500


Alright, I've heard your say. Now, somewhere, deep in all that, I do agree with you (even if this wasn't directed at me). Viewing the world of simple good versus evil is simplistic and counter-productive. However, I think you're viewing the idea of dualism a bit narrowly. The word covers a wide range of disciplines that have surprisingly different interpretations of its meaning. When I speak of dualism, I'm both refering to the believe that in the universe, all "forces" have an equal and opposite counter (devoid of morality), as well as the morality idea, that every living creature has a type of yin-yang within their emotions. Everyone has an aggressive, selfish side, as well as a passive, selfless side. Some people indulge one side more than the other, but the capability to use either exists as an EQUAL factor in all human beings. And quite honestly, I don't care the moral context someone commited an act in. Intention doesn't matter when the fallout of an action, whether charitable donation or defensive military action, has a significant negative impact. I claim no other thing as responsible in my actions except my own will, and while yes, my mental stability may affect my behavior, I do not think it absolves me of personal responsibility for my actions.

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