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Re: Curious

From: Truth Seeker
Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 23 Jun 2006
Time: 20:55:10 -0500


Sir, yours is the sanest voice I have seen (in terms of the good v evil debate) thus far. I completely agree with everything you just said, yes there are human behaviors that fall within the boundaries of socially accepted negative and positive extremes, and no, the fact that the people themselves may not be completely "evil" is not an excuse to do what they do. Rather, the points I make are about the giving of choice and power to archetypal figures which neither exist in any tengible -and therefore conseqential- ways nor deserve the credit that they are being given. To believe that pure and ultimate evil exists and is responsible for the simple negativities of every day life is to submit your control to the whims of poorly interpreted historical prpaganda, and thus avoid taking responsibility for your own deeds. How convenient it is that every war that has been fought has been against something which we came to believe was "evil". For when evil is the face of your enemy, you can fight with neither fear nor mercy, and that is why we convince ourselves of such, it's little more than a cowardly tactic of self idolization and demonization of the enemy, to make us feel superior, and them inferior. This serves as a method to keep us feleing incorruptable, and to be completely ruthless with whoever we decide are the bad guys, thus becoming completely devoid of the need to answer or indeed atone for our actions. If you CAN take responsibility for what you do, and not blame/thank any ineffable archetypes for the said deeds, then perhaps you are a little more worthy to be out on the streets doing what you do. But the last thing we need is a bunch of white hatted evangalistic christian types trying to decide on the world's behalf what is evil and what is not, and therefore who deserves to be punished and to what extent. That in itself is the very definition of terrorism. Always remember, that you are here to take the law into your own hands. NOT TO REWRITE IT. That is my basic point, duality is a curse of the ignorant, don't play into its hands. Take care. :) Truth seeker

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