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Re: Curious

From: Truth Seeker
Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 23 Jun 2006
Time: 21:34:49 -0500


And I know tales from nearly every country with an army of people being hit over the head in the dead of night and waking up finding they have been "voluenteered" for their local army, draughted into a lifestyle of doing things they cannot bear for political causes, and being shot if they do not. I even had a friend who recently was very nearly draughted in such a way, did you know that in some countries it is still mandatory to enlist upon coming of a certain age? And that the said army is legally allowed to use any means neccesary to get their hands on you if you don't? And so if an army like that asks you to kill someone, lest you be killed or worse yourself for non-compliance, is the result of your choice a matter of how evil you are? or how weak you are? If an army is operating on the standards that defenceless prisoners must be killed, what do you think their policies are for soldiers who are insubordinate? Would YOU like to face that? There are two sides to every story, no matter how saddening the sad tale you spin may be, it is not an excuse to believe true evil exists, nor is it an excuse to behave as though you are fighting evil. My point remains the same, if not reinforced. Am I saying things like this should be tolerated? Of course not, things like that must not be allowed to happen, but that doesn't mean evil is repsonsible. Why can't you guys learn to distinguish between me condemning the belief in evil, and me condemning the putting a stop to negative acts? The only difference is your mentality, and that counts for a lot. Truth Seeker

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