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Re: Curious

Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 24 Jun 2006
Time: 01:08:13 -0500


There is certainly lots of grey out there, but I have a problem when somebody insists black and white dont really exist at all. I see clear examples of both, even if they are not the norm. If you drink uncontrollably, you are a drunk. If you go to medical school for years and learn neurosurgery and go into practic, you are a brain surgeon. If you rob people for a living, you are a theif. If you kill people regularly without cause, I find it hard not to call you an evil person. If you do your best to help those around you and to live a good life, I have to conclude that you are a good person. If one's words and deeds do not define one, what does? Evildoers, beware the sting of the GREEN SCORPION!

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