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Re: Curious

Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 24 Jun 2006
Time: 01:21:03 -0500


I really don't have a prob with "Rewriting" the law. Some laws are unjust and to quote someone from one of these forums, "Not all crimes are illegal!". Up until the last handful of years, homosexuality was a crime that could get you sent to prison! In some states, it is essentially illegal for the citizens to carry firearms, although the right to bear arms is guaranteed in the constitution! In New mexico, under some circumstances, it is legal to get married at the age of thirteen, while in Arizona, a picture of a naked person that age will get ten years in prison! Laws are not equivilent to right and wrong in many cases. It requires a LOT of good judgement to take the law into your hands and not do harm in the process, but ultimately, we must look beyond the law and see right and wrong if we are to be truly just. Evildoers Beware The Sting Of The GREEN SCORPION

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