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Re: suit question

From: The Inquisitor
Category: Costumes
Date: 24 Jun 2006
Time: 01:27:41 -0500


so anyone else have any suggestions? I'm pretty open. I'm looking for armor, a quick way to blend into a crowd when i need to, and i'll admit to wanting kind of a personal look, yes I'm vain basically main points being a trenchcoat or other long coat (least during the colder months)and a mask of some sort (i like my hockey mask, but starting to see some problems with it, as it does cut down my visibility slightly, but a cloth facemask give me problems breathing and wouldn't offer as much protection, motorcycle helmet would be too bulky for my idea of being able to take it off and stow it in the coat to blend in, and no capes, i think they explained that pretty well in The Incredibles)

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