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Re: how I see it

From: Hero
Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 29 Jun 2006
Time: 03:08:36 -0500


It's a good point that's been discussed a lot, that we're just hitting symptoms while the disease goes on. But the basic problem there is, it's not big corporations or corrupt governments creating conditions that cause people to commit crime or do drugs. It helps, sure. But it's just human nature to do selfish and violent things, it's the way things are in a closed environment with limited resources and an exponentially expanding population. Even if we magically destroyed all the evil corporate heads and politicians and so forth, there would still be people murdering people and crying out for drugs. (Killing and escapism existed since the beginning of organic life, long before governments and corporations came about.) Besides which, most of us don't feel we can change the world on that grand a scale. So we fight against the things down on our personal level. Drug dealing is my main target, and I hate the potheads that I hear saying, "Don't hate us, man, we're peaceful." Yeah, but people die every day in the business that sold you that pot, so you're financially supporting murderers, no matter how you rationalize it to yourself. I know I am *never* going to make a dent in the drug industry, but maybe I can slow down a billionth fraction of it long enough for some person to get the foothold they needed for a slightly better life, and it's all I hope for.

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