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Re: this post will rattle some of your cages but i dont care

Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 01 Jul 2006
Time: 02:51:00 -0500


I understand the frustration and I am trying to get some things organized, but my resources are pretty limited. I make less than thirty grand a year and spend most of my time earning that, and most of my income paying bills. I will add things to the site when I have the time and the energy, and will try and overhaul it sometime soon. As for the ratio of roleplayers versus hardcore people, I don't have any way of proving which is which and don't want to cut people out of the conversation. As far as the Moonlight Club goes, it is pretty much inactive until I make enough concrete progress to warrant calling people to action. I wish I could devote all my time and resources to this, but I don't have anywhere near the resources of bruce wayne. I hope we don't lose you, but if you think you would be better off going it alone, or abandoning the idea altogether, then do what is best for you and I will wish you well. ~KWVLEX~

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