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Re: Cut-resistant gloves/sleeves

From: Truth Seeker
Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 03 Jul 2006
Time: 00:29:46 -0500


I think you probably need to wing it and make consessions where neccesary. I can't see them preventing you from making a fist, but it may be a weaker compacted fist, due to the exuberance of material between the palm and fingers forcing them apart. It may be the case that you will need to compromise for outer protection, while allowing for the inside of the glove to be a thinner or less heavilly protected material, this will aid in the gripping of any weapons, and allow for a stronger fist, while keeping the outer knuckles and forefingers protected. Having said that, even I intend to use a palm guard, like the type you get with roller blades, they are so useful even if you just fall over, to me any none restrictive trinkets like that are a neccesity. Also, remember these gloves arent meant for fighting, I mean they look sorta like chain mail, would you wanna punch someone with chainmail between your knuckles and their head? It wouldn't be healthy for either of you. As for sleeves, if you are thinking armored sleeves then definitely, your punching speed would be restricted, but if you can adapt to it, it may be worth it. You really don't wanna lose your hands if you wanna be a warrior, if would make life much harder, lol. Not to rain on your parade though, you're definitely on the right tracks. ~Truth Seeker

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