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Hello and a few thoughts and questions...

From: Rakai'Thwei
Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 05 Jul 2006
Time: 01:48:55 -0500


Hello there, my name is Rakai'Thwei-- my real name I do not wish to give out. I am not a Super Hero or a crime fighter but recently, I have discovered that there are real life super heroes out there thanks to Wikipedia after I had stumbled upon such information. I read up that there are heroes out there who range from merely educating children, to good deeps to flat out right crime fighting. At first.. I couldn't believe it.. but a deep rooted part of me, did and so-- hearing about the likes of Terrifica, Captain Jackson, and Dr. Discord etc... I wanted to post a message here. Ever since I was a pre-teen, I starded to understand how the world needed to be better place. Whenever I would watch the news on how someone was beaten, or murdered for something which they were undeserving of.. A part of me got sick of it.. Now hearing about you real life super heroes.. I.. I kind of want to join the fight against crime and evil... but I am 18 years of age, not to mention soon to be going to college and alot of thoughts are on my mind.. Due to years of being told that Super heroes don't exsist and that being a vigilante is dangerous and leaving it to the professionals.. is conflicting my mind about me wanting to do such a thing of creating an alter-ego and fighting crime. Yes, I am taking martial arts classes to hone fighting skills and to be in better shape but... with the conflicting thoughts in my mind.. I don't know.. Have any of you ever had conflicting thoughts in your origins as heroes? -Rakai'Thwei

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