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Re: Hello and a few thoughts and questions...

From: Green Scorpion
Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 05 Jul 2006
Time: 04:15:51 -0500


Any time you get to the edge of what is the norm for society, they will tell you you are wrong or crazy. I have had doubts at every step of this process, but I found that it was something that I needed. I could not be satisfied with myself if I ignored the problems of the world, and none of the alternate paths to do good were exactly what I was looking for. Here is my advice to you: This can be a very dangerous calling and it helps no one to go out half cocked and get killed in a poor attempt at superheroing. Take your time, decide exactly what you want to accomplish, and if that can be done no other way than to become a real life superhero, then make sure you do it right. Don't get innocent people or yourself hurt because of poor planning or errors in judgement! Take a few years to prepare. Finish college first, because it would be too distracting otherwise, plus by the time you get through college, this movement will have grown and matured and probably have many more resources available to someone just starting out. Give it time. ~Evildoers, Beware The Sting Of The GREEN SCORPION!

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