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Re: earth agents

From: Superman
Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 11 Jul 2006
Time: 16:16:41 -0500


I feel compelled to reply to the needless slander of 2 of the earth agents.1st off I highly recomend you look up a show on the discovery health chammel called rebuilt the human body machine. Bionic limbs are fact not fiction. No where in Radio Man's profile is therea claim that his artificial or bionic limb do anything other than to replace the missing part of his leg and let him walk normally. No steve austin here tho the term was taken by artificial limb makers from the 6 million dollar man show to describe the kind of work they do. Something inspired from the scifi comic book world actually occuring. Seems to me that in many ways that's kind of what this site is all about. Yes he made it himself. Id say being able to walk and run normally again is a fair to middling ammount of motivation to get the job done. The guy is a electronic whiz and was considerably less than happy with the scuzzy limb the government was expecting him to make do with. Having seen some of the government replacement artificial limbs I have to agree with them. The bendable legs on a barbie doll are more hi tec than a lot of them. I know because I rebuilt one for a older vet myself. While no where near the marvel radio man's efforts were it was still better than government issue. Now after he made and perfected his limb did he try and cash in on the design. No! In true hero fashion he (under a assumed name ) published the whole deal where any tec of more than moderate skills can duplicate his efforts using relatively cheap off the shelf parts with minor modifications. Now if that dosen't illustrate thetrue unselfishness of the super hero spirit I'd like to know what does. Now as to The Gollums weapon of choice. I strongly suggest you look up the word FLAIL in a book on medievil weaponry. As a matter of fact he made his out of a bowling ball purchesed second hand at a good will store coupled with some hevy duty chain available at walmart or any decently equiped hard ware store. Some of us not being bruce wayne rich hasve to make do with what we can cobble up on our own. Now this may not be your 1st weapon of choice ( you being too much on the puny side to use it ) but for a person as wicked strong as the gollum it comes in handy for smashing down doors and such. Low tec I'll admit but extremely effective. I have 1 last suggestion that theorigonal poster would do well to pay heed to. Enguage Brain before opening mouth. When you ( who as far as I know has yet to squat of any importance )starts spouting off about things without making sure of your facts you make your self look stupid and reflect badly on the real life super hero movement. Or do you think it's all a scam as well. Superman

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