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Re: earth agents

From: argon
Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 12 Jul 2006
Time: 05:11:55 -0500


yeah, wow, way to go f---ing mastermind. i'll "enguage" my brain first because at least i know how to f---ing spell. i'll go watch that "chammel" on my TW. of course bionics exist, but you try to play it off like your members have some sort of f---ing superpowers. at least the UK team has realistic skills. did you find time to be an "under the R.A.D.A.R. urban legend" hero while you were a "freelance commercial artist, ETC"? ooh i better watch out or the "Force" will use one of his amazingly indescribable powers on me. maybe Gollum (couldn't even use the modern "Golem"? what, does he hunt criminals to find his preeeecious? and yeah, f--, i know the jewish fairytale thing, so don't bother) will be so Invulnerable to Weapons from his built-in Armor that he won't get shot in the face and die. maybe the Lady will throw her trash can shield at me and then run to pick it up when it doesn't magically return since Captain America's skills AREN'T F---ING REAL. all three of the "leaders" bios sound like complete bs to anyone with a brain cell. great job security-covering your pic too d--khead, since we can see your chubby f---ot face on your yahoo, "John Koen". i've been watching this place since the something awful thing, and while i think there are some real potentials here in the background, most of you are just net posers like Superf-g here, pretending to do and have shit you can't even get the balls up to try for out of your dad's computer room. and since i've been paying attention, i know this post is sure to get deleted. any time anyone challenges you all you pussy out and delete their posts and pretend they weren't there. or you cry and say "let's ignore them until they leave!" what the f--k are people like THAT going to do to hardcore criminals??? "oh please don't kill me, i'm ignoring you." except for the few intelligent, non-drama-queens here, the rest of yo like Ass Master, Golden Shower and the Farts are just pissants trying to play cowboy now that they're old. i say you should get the real guys out now, before they get dragged down by these roleplaying f---s.


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