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Re: earth agents and other updates

From: Superman
Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 13 Jul 2006
Time: 17:39:04 -0500


Hi all good people and Argon, Got to give credit where credit is due our boy Argon was a tiny bit better than I 1st. thought he was. It was unpardonably careless of me to leave such sloppy unsecured code lying about in yahoo places. Especiallywhen you consider yahoo isn't secured worth squat. My only excuse was I was new to yahoo then and didn't know better. I really should have cleaned it all up a long time ago. Many thanks (lol ) ol sport for bringing this lapse to my attention. Some times I can be lazy and not wantto improve things as long as they still work. Tell me lil buddy do you have any other lamer tricks besides breaking into yahoo and spamming unsecured chat rooms? But don't dispare lil friend I still love you like a brother. LOL. You'll be happy to know that even starting out I was bright enough to back up everything. I allready have the earth agent site totally repaired and am repairing the superman group 1 fan site as well. For those who are interested in my non RLSH activities feel free to click on my name and youll see a superman fan site I created . Toodles for now as I have to frinish mycleaning up after lil Argon Superman

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