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Re: earth agents

From: Superman
Category: Real-Life Super Heroes
Date: 18 Jul 2006
Time: 11:43:17 -0500


Remember something kids , Its argon who said it was fake. Ifyou want to belive that dweeb go for it . The profiles of some of the earth agents are deliberately vague. It was intended to be that way. After all bad guys have computers too. Could you see someonelikeSuperman putting "I have a really bad alergic reaction to kryptonite" on his my space blog. As far as the pics go they are good enough that you can tell the players apart at least on the earth agents LA team. All of the Earth agents uk seem to dress alike. I know they look straight off of the hero making machine and except for some after market embellishments by me they are. Having Illustrations that look straight out of a comic book on a site inspired by comic book heros dosent seem all that out of line to me. I have enough tools here that I can make any pic I want. I can have angelina jolie sitting on abe lincoln's lap and have it look totally authentic in the photo. Given time I can do preatty much the same thing with video. If you don't see it 1 on 1 in person you can't say weather or not it's valid. Some times not even then. As far as not being beliveable who cares ? When everyone goes public they will be belived Pic or no pic. Right now in the formative stages of the movement it's probibly good that no one outside the comunity takes it serriously. Once they do anyone who goes out there will be under some serrious scrutiny. I created the site to assist the comunity. I deliberately kept it as simple and low tec as I could so It would play on almost any computer connecteed to the internet. Starting out the most likely candidates for super hero help will be the disenfranchised. They aren't known for having top of the line computer gear. By and large the earth agent site will play even on a set top box like web tv. Things like flash presentations look sharp and as soonas I teach my self flash I will probibly try making some. If you wantphots on the earth agent site send them to me . If you want fancy flash animations send me a link to 1 you've made and Ill add it in. Like the hero movement the site is a on going project subject to change

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