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  are doing so. In the event that anyone ever feels misquoted, we will revise their statements in a

                             timely manner or remove the interview if that is their wish.

12/01/2008 Entomo Interview

Kevlex: How did you become aware of the RLS movement?

Entomo: In 2003, I became alert because Terrifica and Mr.. Silent. Something was going         

to happen, it was in the air. So I started my training, unaware of the making of a 

new "wave" of Superheroes which was occurring underground, at least in America.

I had already acknowledged the existence of Super Barrio Gomez in the early Nineties,


Kevlex: What is your motivation for becoming a RLS?

Entomo: I am what I am. Since day one, long time before I would don a Battle suit, I've

always worked to achieve equilibrium between the various factions struggling on the

chessboard of reality. I was going to become what I already was from the start.

There’s no other "logic" to argue. I was just following the path that Nature had

arranged for me. I'm doing that right now, in this moment. It's my destiny.

Kevlex: What do you hope to accomplish as a RLS?

Entomo: Everything. I'm an Agent of Balance. I fight for a FAIRER world.

Kevlex: Do you have any special skills or training that helps with your RLS activities?

Entomo: Training, yes. It's still an on-going process, because you never reach a point

where you don't really need to train anymore. That would be ridiculous.

I practice athletics, bodybuilding and Krav Maga.

As far as my morphic faculties are concerned, you can apprehend them here:


Kevlex: What do you usually do while in your RLS persona?

Entomo: A vast array of tasks. I do whatever I choose to do. That's my ethics. I'm

stuck between Order and Chaos, and move from one pole to another.

Basically, I'm a a detective and a patroller but, believe me, I can turn into a man of

action quite easily.

Kevlex: What is the most significant thing you have accomplished as a RLS?

Entomo: Can't really determine that. It's up to people to define my legacy. I would say

that, in the end, I will be regarded as a symbol of total justice and dangerous freedom.

I saved lives, I helped a lot of people and... I did it for free. Not a bad accomplishment,

isn't it?

Kevlex: What is the theme or concept behind your RLS costume and name?


Entomo: I own paranormal faculties related to insects – that being said, “paranormal” is               a word open to various interpretations. Think of me as a post-modern shaman, whose        faculties are connected to a parallel plane of consciousness.

Kevlex: What equipment do you use in your RLS personna?
Entomo: I'm in the process to adopt a self-customized Tazer; in Italy, we call that      "Dissuasore elettrico". It will be a totally-new version, since I'm gonna do some serious modifications.. That would be the stinging Tail of the Insect-Man.

Kevlex: Which RLS's do you take the most seriously?Entomo: Everyone I can sense as being "the real deal". Thanks to my Parallelogram              ability, it's not that hard. Just to name few: Captain Ozone, Superhero, Tothian, Geist,       Master Legend, Amazonia, Captain Prospect, Nostrum, Knight Owl,        Squeegeeman(sometimes).

Kevlex: What do you feel are the greatest challenges facing the RLS community?

Entomo: Inspiration, expansion and popular acceptance.

Kevlex: Considering the many different philosophies that RLS's operate under, do you think there will ever be one unifying organization for the RLS movement?

Entomo: We don't need that. I don't need that, at least. I work for nobody.

Kevlex: What would you do if you had great resources, such as Bruce Wayne does in the batman comics?

Entomo: Can't answer. Secret matter.

Kevlex: How do you feel the media portrays the RLS community?

Entomo: Mixed bag, but that's life..

Kevlex: What has been the reaction of the public, your family, friends, and law enforcement to your RLS persona?

Entomo: Not many know I'm Entomo, just thirteen people: they are useful allies.
In regard to the rest of your list, I don't care about law enforcement. I bet I could be perceived by some of them as an "anarchist"... and they are dead right, I'm just that. An anarchist Superhero.

Casual people appear puzzled. But you must shock in order to shake.

Kevlex: What advice do you have for people thinking of becoming RLS's?

Entomo: Find your inner avatar, the "Superhero" you keep locked inside. Then, materialize him as a "second skin" you must dwell in. Embody what you truly are. End of the story.

I inject justice.



01/25/2006 Terrifica Interview

(This interview was conducted by e-mail: Terrifica was sent a list of questions.)

(Nothing has been edited or removed from those questions and her replies.)


Kevlex: Greetings Terrifica!

Thank you for granting us this interview. You have a great many
admirers in the
real-life Superhero community.

? What were your motivations in becoming a real-life Superhero?


Terrifica: My motivations were quite simple.  I saw un-superhumans making
terrible mistakes.  Mistakes based on weakness and neediness that
perpetuated their cycles of desperation.  I knew that if I could
teach people to follow my example, they might have a chance to free
themselves of the oppressions they placed upon themselves as well as
those placed upon them by society.

Kevlex: ?Do you see yourself as a role-model for young women? If so, what
would you
want them to learn from you?

Terrifica: I would like young women everywhere to learn from me that they do not
need the "love" or "admiration" or "protection" or "affection" of a
male un-superhuman to be important in the world.  I would like the
female unsuperhuman to learn that self-love is the greatest love of
all.  I would like them to feel confident to identify and go-after
and achieve their true desires...even if those desires are to be
misanthropic bitches.  A girl must learn to be a singular, autonomous
being before she is strong enough to love an other in a meaningful,

generous way. 

Kevlex: ? What do you think of the other real-life Superheroes that are out

Terrifica: I work alone.   

Kevlex: ? Have you ever considered fighting general crime as well as
protecting women
from sexual predators?
Other crime?

Terrifica:(NO REPLY)

Kevlex: ? Do you have a secret identity? If so, how many people know that you
are terrifica?

Terrifica: I am Terrifica. 

Kevlex: ? Have you ever had to defend yourself physically as terrifica?

Terrifica: I am a pacifist.  But I work out.

Kevlex: ? Do you have any special training, or do you have special workout
regimen you

Terrifica: Top secret.

Kevlex: ? What equipment do you carry when in costume?

Terrifica: I don't have a costume.

Kevlex: ? Do you make your own costumes?

Terrifica: See above.

Kevlex: ? Does your costume have any special features?

Terrifica: See above. 

Kevlex: ? Do you have any advice on costume creation?

Terrifica: I don't have a costume.  I have a uniform.  I have a variety of
uniforms: formal wear, casual wear, and under-cover wear.  I vary my
uniforms based on my mission.

Kevlex: ? What other advice do you have for people just starting out as
real-life Superheroes?

Terrifica: Among the super humans there is no "starting out."  You know your
mission or you don't.  You are born a super human or you're not.  You
have power or you don't.  No one can choose to be a super human.  You
can't just make up a power or a purpose.  But if you are a super
human; you have a choice about being a hero.  You can choose to be a
villain too.  Villains make more money. 

Kevlex: ? Have you ever had conflict with law enforcement officers when
engaged in
your superhero activities? How well do you interact with the police
and other
traditional authorities?

Terrifica: I don't understand the question.

Kevlex: ? What are your views on the expansion of the federal government?s
powers under the patriot act?

Terrifica: I don't understand the question.

Kevlex: ? What other interests do you have outside of being Terrifica?

Terrifica: I don't understand the question.

Kevlex: ? Do you do any sort of charity or volunteer work?

Terrifica: I have my mission.   That takes up enough of my time.  For more
information about my mission or for advice visit: www.terrifica.net.

Kevlex: ? Have you ever met any other real-life Superheroes?

Terrifica: Didn't you ask this already? 

Kevlex: ? Have you ever had a sidekick or teamed up with any other Real-life
Superhero? If so, who?

Terrifica: I work alone.

Kevlex: ? Are you single? If so, would you prefer dating a fellow Real-life
or someone more ordinary?

Terrifica: I don't think you meant to ask me this.

(Editorial Note: I was sure that that question would result in a negative response, but I was also sure that If I didn't ask that her fans in the real-life Super-Hero community would beat me senseless.)

Kevlex: ? Who is this ?Fantastico? Person? Is he actually some sort of arch

Terrifica: If you have ever met a man whose whimsical, trifling desires were
articulations of your hungry heart 's deepest most buried desires,
you have met Fantastico.  He does not mean to deceive.  But your
desperation lets him in.  And, you wake up the next morning exposed -
more raw and abandoned and alone than you ever imagined possible. 

Kevlex: ? Are you satisfied with the profile we set up for you in the
registry? Are there any changes you would like us to make to it?

Terrifica: I am really too busy.

Kevlex: ? What is the best way for fans and other Real-life Superheroes to
get in touch with you?

Terrifica: They may ask me for help via my website at www.terrifica.net.

Kevlex: ? Is there Terrifica merchandise available? Do you do autographs?

Terrifica: No. No. Villains make money. I'm serving my mission, not my wallet.

Kevlex: ? Those were all the questions I had prepared. Do you have anything
else you
would like to say to the Real-life Superhero community?

Terrifica: Be virtuous.

Kevlex: Thank you ever so much for granting us this interview. We deeply
appreciate it
and hope to hear from you again.




08/23/2005  Captain Jackson Interview                         

(Due to recording problems, paraphrasing occurs throughout this interview. )

(Some details have been deleted to make captain's secret identity more secure.)

(Interview is also edited for length.)


Kevlex:  "Hi, am I speaking to Captain Jackson?"

Captain Jackson:  "Yes that's me."

Kevlex: "Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Is it alright if I record this so that I can quote you accurately later?"

Captain Jackson: "Sure, go ahead."

Kevlex: "The first question I have is: whose idea was it for you to become a super-hero? Was it a publicity campaign started by the local police or did you start out on your own only to have them sign on to the idea later?"

Captain Jackson: "Give me a minute or two and I'll tell you how it all got started."

Kevlex: "Sure"

Captain Jackson: "I didn't start out to be a super-hero, and actually, I don't like that term: 'super-hero', I'm an 'officially sanctioned crime-fighter'. Anyway, when I moved to Jackson from Detroit (DELETED) years ago I noticed that there were no beat cops walking the streets and I felt that was important. I Called into a local radio station calling myself "Captain Jackson". Soon, other people were calling in asking when their superhero was going to call in again. I took to calling in every few days and eventually Put together a costume and introduced myself to the public through volunteering and patrolling downtown. I was surprised by the  amount of support I got from the public once they got used to the idea.

     By the time I ended up meeting with the chief of police some months later, public support had continued to gain momentum and I was getting signs from police officers that they approved.

     The chief of police thanked me for my work and asked if there was anything he could do to help. I just asked to be officially sanctioned by the police and he was glad to do so.

     Since that time we have maintained a good working relationship with our local police as well as other departments.

     We have the specifications of our uniforms registered with the local police as well as related law enforcement agencies within our state, and they are uniforms, not costumes!"

Kevlex: "Do you have a secret Identity, or does pretty much everyone locally know who you are?"

Captain Jackson: "The local chief of police knows the real identity of myself, Crime-fighter Girl and  The Queen Of Hearts, but respects our need for privacy and has told his men not to pry into our real names or pass that information along to anyone if they f1nd out who we are.

     Of course, if any of us are involved in an arrest, the police need our names for their reports, but there is no way around that and the chief has told his department not to let it go any further than that."

Kevlex: "Do you carry any kind of special equipment?"

Captain Jackson: "No, all I carry is pepper spray. When I am on patrol, my job is to observe and report. If I run into anything that has to be taken care of, I usually just inform the police and they respond quickly."

KEVLEX: "Have you ever thought about going after major criminals directly, perhaps conducting your own investigations and moving more toward active pursuit?"

Captain Jackson: "Currently I do neighborhood patrols, check bars looking for dangerous drunks trying to get behind the wheel, and watch out for trouble at public events...... I have been shot at twice, had people come at me with knives and been beaten to within an inch of my life! I know how to take care of myself, but If I was regularly seeking out and apprehending violent career criminals instead of what I do now, I'd probably be dead in thirty minutes!"

Kevlex: "Have you thought about adding protective materials such as Kevlar to your costume?"

Captain Jackson: "If I added a Kevlar vest, all someone would have to do is shoot me in the head; besides, I mostly observe and report. If I find a business unlocked after-hours or see something that affects public safety, I let the cops know and they are there fast."

Kevlex: "What other activities are you and the other members of the Crimefighter Corps involved in?"

Captain Jackson: "we also do a lot of volunteer work, and The Queen Of Hearts is very involved with fighting domestic violence. We have also do charity fundraisers and telethons."

Kevlex: "If someone wanted to become a real-life Super Hero like yourself, what advice would you give?"

Captain Jackson: "Don't. You will probably end up in jail or dead."

(NOTE: 09/01/2005- Captain Jackson called back to relate how he was assaulted since the interview. He was sucker punched and kicked when he was down. He says the only reason he didn't have his nose crushed is that his mask was made of hard plastic, which shattered instead. He is now back on patrol. His assailant was arrested. He wants to remind any youngsters that his advice is not to become a real-life Super Hero. It is highly dangerous! (In his case, an officially sanctioned independent crime fighter.)

Kevlex: "But if they do try, what is your advice?"

Captain Jackson: "They should get involved in their local neighborhood watch or do volunteer work. You don't have to dress up in a costume to do good for the community, but if they are thinking about it, they should work up to it gradually. A lot of people don't realize how much work it really is!"

Kevlex: "What advice would you give to someone who wanted to be more of a gung-ho, Rambo type of super-hero and chase after Crime bosses and serial killers?"

Captain Jackson: "If someone actually did that, and I don't think it's realistic, they could never, ever let anyone know who they were!"

Kevlex: "So, basically, it sounds like you can either work with the police and do everything by the book, or stay entirely separate and keep your identity secret."

Captain Jackson: "That's about it."

Kevlex: "What do you think of the other Real-life Super Heroes you have heard about?"

Captain Jackson: "The only one that I respect is Terrifica, she really puts herself on the line for what she believes. Angle grinder man  is just a criminal. The English Batman and Robin guys don't impress me at all! The only people I classify as real superheroes are The Crimefighter Corps and Terrifica."

Kevlex: "Do Crime Fighter Girl and The Queen Of Hearts go on patrol as well?"

Captain Jackson: "Yes, and they know how to handle themselves if they run into trouble."

Kevlex: "Any final comments?"

Captain Jackson: "I looked over your site and it has a lot of potential. It would be a good place to start if you wanted to become a crime-fighter."

Kevlex: "Thank you sir. I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with us."

Captain Jackson: "You're welcome."