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Welcome to the world of Real-Life Superheroes!

What Are RLSH ?

     Real-Life Superheroes are everyday people who have decided to don a costume and assume a superhero alter ego.

     Real Life Superheroes actively work to make the world a better place and inspire people to improve the world.

     A few things that are not Real-Life Superheroes:         


        Cosplay is about costuming.


       Mascots promote sports teams or businesses and are not self motivated RLSH.


        Antifa is a violent terrorist organization.

     *Black Lives Matter

        BLM is a violent communist organization.


Why Do We Need Them?

     Even a well run society has gaps where injustice can creep in.

     Working through the system to improve life is sometimes impossible, particularly in regions where evil men rule.

     Some regions are under the thumb of warlords, criminal syndicates, or totalitarian dictatorships.

     Openly fighting terrorists, criminal gangs or corrupt governments usually ends in death, plus the death of your family and loved ones.

     Costumed crime fighters attempt to stop evil men without immediately being exposed and killed.

     Additionally,  a costume embodies an ideal and acts as a symbol to rally behind, as opposed to an ordinary person who is rarely as inspiring.

Can I Become A RLSH?

     Yes: It is an unregulated activity.

     Anyone with a desire to improve the world can decide to become a Real-Life Superhero.

     Most Real-Life Superheroes do very mild forms of public service because it is easier and safer than directly confronting violent foes.

     Cleaning up neighborhood trash or volunteering at a homeless shelter are good things to do. If dressing up as a superhero makes it more fun, that is great.

     Actual Costumed Crime Fighting is extremely dangerous and can be illegal, which is why there are so few examples of Real-Life Superheroes who are actively and effectively doing this.